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About Digital Art / Student Premium Member Juliette (Jules, Echo, Neko)Female/United States Groups :iconelemental-bounds: Elemental-Bounds
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Neko|Female|Demisexual flag stamp by LarkaZengo|Furry|ISFJ|Taken

Hi there! My name is Juliette, but you can call me Jules, Echo, Neko, Cinea, anything you want to. I'm a socially awkward girl, but I love to make new friends. I don't bite, so drop a message if you wanna talk. Just... don't expect me to start the conversations very often.
I am a furry, yes. I plan on making a fursuit of my two fursona's, Echo (red fox/cat) and Cinea (Angel Dragon), as well as some other OC's I have.
I have a habit of just randomly creating new OC's all the time, and it's become quite a problem, I think. I can't help it though, I like making characters.
As well as being a furry, I am a HUGE anime freak. Some of my favorites include Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, Fruit's Basket (the manga is better, though), and various others. I am also a big fan of Studio Ghibli movies, including The Cat Returns, Wolf Children, Princess Mononoke, and a few others. If anyone has an anime or mobie that you think I should watch, just let me know, and I may give it a shot if I get a chance.
I like writing as well as drawing, but I often get writer's block, so nothing really get's finished (heheh ^^') my boyfriend is better at writing than I am if I could only convince him to post some of his work on here. (He's rather shy..)
I have a wonderful boyfriend who I absolutely love unconditionally, and no one can ever change that fact.

again, feel free to message me if you wanna talk~!


More about me

NekoMangaka Stamp 1 .:Req:. by KoumpounoayameDaydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJShy Stamp by StampMakerLKJI Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJTelephone stamp by NekoMangakaTayerr stamp by NekoMangakaOriginal Characters Stamp by Stamp221Steampunk Stamp by StampMakerLKJI Heart Music Stamp 2 by StampMakerLKJProud Furry Stamp + PLZ by EchoSwiftpawsSummer Stamp by Kezzi-RoseAutumn Stamp by Kezzi-RoseEchoxEkon by IcyibluPlaid Stamp by KoRn-sTaR60291Sword Art Online Stamp by LinaLeeLKill La Kill by stampsnstuffStamp: Always Believe in Yourself by starfire-wolfTCR Haru and the Baron Stamp by TwilightProwlerThe Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Stamp by CartoonSilverFoxToothless Love Stamp by smileystampsArcanine fan stamp by Elik-ChanAero stamp by NekoMangakaYoshi Stamp by WinterSin

Ship Box

This is a box for all of my ships

more to be added later.


i love you. by ackIeholic

Please take all of me, yeah
'cause you are all I see
Everything to me...

pixels by me and Icyiblu


PS ur a queer

I WAS HERE BTW lol no duh Icy shutup
Ahhhh my lovely Moirail ♥♥♥♥♥♥
How I love you soooooo, so so sooooo much c':
You make my flippin day, bein a dork over skype like pfffh u a losar.
You're so amazing, no joke. You first off have this AMAZING art, and THEN you get me completely! Like.
same interests, goals yadayaydaydad you know the deets
I neverrrr wanna go a day without talking to you, I'll go mad ! fdhsjuadsa
Annnddd I CANNNT WAIT for this summer so I can spend A WHOLE WEEK with your butt self <3



Requests are for baes ONLY
Trades are for baes ONLY
Commissions are Always OPEN
Ask about Collabs
backup account

the love of my life: :iconnekomangaka::iconthesporkguy:

Offline friends


Online Friends


NekoMangaka Stamp 2 .:Req:. by KoumpounoayameNekoMangaka Stamp 3 .:Req:. by KoumpounoayameNekoMangaka Stamp 4 .:Req:. by Koumpounoayame



Pixel by Icyiblu


Click on the characters for their refs



commission info

:bulletred: = unpaid
:bulletgreen: = paid

Icyiblu chibi Aero, simple bg Shade and Icy, Six bouncy :bulletred: (+icons :bulletgreen:)
Green Progress Bars 20% by Daevirilis

Dark-Seed digital painting Dusk and Foxy (feral) side by side in a fighting stance (and snarlies~!) :bulletred:
Green Progress Bars 0% by Daevirilis

TimidCute bouncy of Timidbreeze :bulletred:
Green Progress Bars 0% by Daevirilis

pheonixfoxblood24 custom designs and bouncy icon :bulletgreen:
Green Progress Bars 0% by Daevirilis

Riaka-the-Cat YCH :bulletgreen:
Green Progress Bars 20% by Daevirilis

moneycat69 character design :bulletgreen:
Green Progress Bars 0% by Daevirilis

TheBlazingEmber detailed shading and background of Icy and Flame (both anthro) in God Tier
w/ speedpaint :bulletgreen:
Green Progress Bars 0% by Daevirilis



Icyiblu icons
Green Progress Bars 60% by Daevirilis


Make a Move Map parts
Green Progress Bars 20% by Daevirilis

chlckadee's maps
Green Progress Bars 0% by Daevirilis

Super Psycho Love Map part
Green Progress Bars 20% by Daevirilis

if I did a contest, who would actually enter? 

4 deviants said I might depending on the prizes
2 deviants said yes!
1 deviant said the last time I did this, not a whole lot of people entered, and I was disappointed
1 deviant said no


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Mar 1, 2015
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Oh my gosh she is so freaking adorable I love it so much thank you <3
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Dear god also remember my "insults" are my affection dont hate me ily 
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If it were just those insults, people might've started thinking you were harassing me gosh
I love you too, liver. These comments made me happy, thank you for that you queer <3
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theyd have to know me to get me
idk man im weirdo 

love you too loooooosarrr♥
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I love you, You're my fucking moirail ♥
don't you ever fucking forget it. 
If I could Id get on a bus right now and sit there for 11 hours just to come and hug you. 
I'd do anything for you and I want you to be happy. Once i'm 18 and on my own theres nothing stopping me from just getting on a bus or in my car and driving right to you. 
I fucking love you okay

and I'm here when you get back. I'll always be here when you need it. ya fucknut ♥♥♥ 
feel better soon

My picture is bad but I drew with my touch pad im so sorry its icy hugging echo i swear
Icyiblu Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
i love you you lil shit
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I love you you dingleberry
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